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The display doesn't have to be expensive to sell a lot of candy!

  • Tight boxes for a long lifespan of the candy

  • Good lighting on the candy


  • Large lids that are scratch and thumbprint resistant

  • The category looks fresh after some time of use

  • High level of hygiene


  • Large stock


  • Low Price

The box


The lid is curved to avoid reflections from the shop lighting. The low price means that you can change often when it gets scratched.


Frame which, together with the lid, makes the box airtight for a longer life of the goods.

Trough of corrugated cardboard that has treated the inside as a hygiene barrier. The trough can be replaced for a high level of hygiene and maintain the freshness of the category over time. 


The rack


A stable rack in sheet metal with stand and shelves.


With a warehouse large enough to hold the entire section's delivery packages.


A knock down construction that makes it possible to ship 5 sections on one pallet.



The display can be used together with the existing 900 interior so you can use the space over for hangers, shelves or signs.

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